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Tweakmonster.com is owned and operated by Ross Wenger (AKA- The Tweakmonster), a CNC machinist by trade out of Los Angeles, California. It sprang to life in May, 2000 to fill a need for specialized products aimed mostly at the ever-growing computer Overclocking and Modding community. While most of our products are aimed at 'niche' markets, we are always looking to expand our reach to new customers, and most of our products have the potential for applications outside the computer modding industry.

AMD CPU Spacer

AMD CPU Spacer


Tweakmonster.com's first product release was a specially designed CPU spacer (also known as a shim) made for Socket 'A' AMD processors that would help to prevent the dreaded 'cracking of cores' that these processors had a habit of doing during routine heatsink installation and removal. Because of their outstanding quality of manufacture and great price, they quickly gained a reputation for being the best to be had anywhere in the world and took off almost immediately.


In light of the overwhelming enthusiasm pertaining to these CPU spacers, other custom products followed to help the computer enthusiast achieve the results they desired from their high performance computer systems. At the time, most of these products were either non-existent, or severely lacking in quality or availability. Our video card RAMsinks are world renowned for being the best looking and performing passive RAM cooling available on the market.


Tweakmonster.com is here primarily to act as a portal for retailers to contact us for product wholesale information, and to provide our end users with product information and installation instructions. Being avid computer modders ourselves, we personally use the products we manufacture and you will find some detailed hands-on modding articles which demonstrate the real life applications of our products and how they can expand the computing experience for you by clicking here.


Because Tweakmonster.com is primarily a manufacturer and wholesaler, this allows us to focus almost entirely on the research, development and manufacture of new products that will continue to help pave the way in taking the computer modding experience to an even higher level of innovation and quality. We currently have the Tweakmonster Store should you wish to buy our products. We can also provide large quantity wholesaling quotes upon request.


CAD Engineering

CAD Engineering

Powered by the remarkable engineering capabilities of EcoTech Designs, we are constantly expanding our product line to not only include niche products aimed at enhancing the functionality of computers, but also growing upon the aesthetic aspect, which has reached epidemic proportions over the past couple of years. Case windows....case lighting products....lighted case fans....liquid cooling......no longer is a computer seen as just an office production workhorse or email tool. Computers are now being transformed and molded to reflect the creativity of their owners. Tweakmonster.com has always been committed to staying in the forefront of this market by providing top-notch functional and aesthetically pleasing products to aid the computer enthusiast in turning their creative visions into a reality for all to enjoy.


We are dedicated to providing a superior product for as low a cost as possible, without sacrificing quality in the process. Quality control is of the utmost importance to us, because reputation means everything in a business where people know you by your name, not your face. Since it's beginning, Tweakmonster.com has worked hard to build its' reputation as a manufacturer of the absolute best products money can buy. Although constantly cloned, yet never equalled in quality or innovation, the technologies and products we have introduced to the computer modding industry coupled with the numerous reviews and awards we have received from different computer enthusiast sites over the years speaks for itself. Just as it has always done, Tweakmonster.com will continue building towards an exciting future by helping to blaze the trail in both the pioneering and refinement aspects of computer modding technologies.


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We are always eager to listen to what others have to say, whether it be about a product idea, a question about an existing product we manufacture, or just an observation in general. Should you wish to contact someone at Tweakmonster.com, please use the information below. We are readily available, either by email or phone, to aid you in whatever way we can.


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