Your new applique has been engineered to be 'plug-and-play' upon delivery, but in order to get the most out of it, you will need to learn how to set it up. Please take a few minutes and read through these instructions I have put together to ensure you do things correctly, and avoid possibly causing damage to both yourself, and your computer.




"The Tweakmonster is not responsible for any damage to any hardware caused by the installation of this EL applique. If this is a problem for you, please return it to where you got it from."


Computer installation Instructions


1: First, figure out where you want to mount the applique. Peel the 4 small adhesive covers off of the 4 corners of the applique, and apply to the inside of your window. If you find the adhesive is giving you a hard time sticking, try heating it up SLIGHTLY with a hair dryer on LOW to make the adhesive a bit more sticky.


2: Find a location to mount your power inverter (the little beige box), preferably near the upper area of your case (the inverter creates a little bit of heat, and heat rises..I'm sure you get the idea) The best location would be near an exhaust fan. Use some double-sided tape to attach it.


3: Plug the molex connector into your computer's power supply and then the connector in between the applique and the power inverter and your applique is now installed. If you like, you can add a 12 volt switch in line with the RED wire to turn it on or off. See the diagram below for more details on how to do this. Enjoy!


Note about power inverter noise or hum:


You may notice a very slight humming noise coming from the power inverter. A small amount IS NORMAL, however it should not be so loud that it is noticable after installation. In other words, when mounted in a case with atleast one 80mm case fan, or a fan cooling the CPU, the noise should not be noticable. If you are dissatisfied or think your inverter is creating more noise than it should, try wrapping the inverter in some electrical tape or other type of suitable insulation. This should help to completely eliminate whatever noise you may be hearing.


Note about the long black inverter wires:


You may notice that the 2 black wires which feed the current to the applique from the inverter are quite long. Almost 10 feet, to be exact. The reason for this is for other applications besides computers which may or may not need such a long feed line, such as automobiles and motorcycles. for cramped spaces, the easiest thing to do is coil up the extra wire and hide it, although those who wish to eliminate the extra wire completely may do so by cutting out the extra length. This will require a certain bit of electrical knowledge, as the wires need to be reconnected to each other correctly, and should not be crossed or switched in the process. If you do this, be sure to mark each one so that you can reconnect them as they were before. However, this will void your product warranty so be absolutely sure before you cut them.


Below is a wiring diagram showing the electrical circuit of the applique. Also shown is the best place to install a toggle switch to turn the applique on and off manually.



The red wire is +12V, and the black wire is -12V.


Recommended tools and additional parts:


-Pliers and/or a crimp tool
-(2) Terminal connectors if attaching the inverter to a battery.
-Stripping type splice connectors if connecting to an existing 12V circuit
-Electrical tape
-Extra wire (depending on application)