This is the gallery dedicated to my first water-cooled computer...

AKA- 'The Shrine'.


It rarely stays the same for more than a couple of weeks at a time, but in light of my recent conversion to water cooling, as well as some other new hardware, I believe I will be happy for a moment...


Doubt it. But anyways, here are the current system specs (as of June, 2001):



  • AMD (Ass-kickin') Athlon OEM 1.33ghz, 266 fsb AXIA stepping
  • currently running at 1540 mhz @ 1.85 volts



  • Asus A7V-133 board revison 1.05 w/ bios revision 1006
  • Full RAID mod
  • currently running at 140 fsb



  • 256 megs of Kingmax tiny bga PC150 SDRAM (CAS 2-2-2)
  • currently running at 140 fsb



  • all 5-1/4 bay mounted and fan cooled
  • 2 IBM 75GXP 20.5 gig running in RAID 0 (stripe)
  • 1 IBM 75GXP 13.6 gig for file storage
  • 52x Creative CD-ROM
  • 12x8x32x LG burner
  • Teac floppy



  • Elsa Gladiac 920 GeForce3 w/ 64 MB DDR SDRAM
  • Detonator 14.40's w/ coolbits and DX8a



  • Phillips Acoustic Edge 5.1 Digital true surround sound PCI sound card
  • Blows a Sound Blaster away, in my opinion
  • Cambridge Soundworks Digital 5.1 speakers



  • Custom made 3 US gallon Lexan water tank
  • 250 gph mag-drive pond pump
  • Swiftech MCW462-b (modifyed) water block
  • 120mm fan cooled radiator
  • 3 80mm exhaust/intake fans
  • 1 'blorb' (for video card)
  • 1 chipset cooler (copper)
  • 1 DigitalDoc5 for keeping tabs on temps. and controlling fans


Operating System:

  • Windows 98 Second Edition (2K still doesn't like the Phillips Acoustic Edge, and Windows ME is a piece of horsecrap)



So, there you have it. The list goes on, but those specs are the cream of the system.


Come and check it out!...