Simple, yet functional and oooh so pretty


Thank You for purchasing the Tweakmonster Dual 80mm Fan Bracket kit. This guide will walk you through the necessary simple steps to a quick installation.




" is not responsible for any damage to any hardware caused by the installation of this Fan Bracket kit. If this is a problem for you, please return it to where you got it from."


With that out of the way, let's get this Fan Bracket installed! First, gather what you will need:


1) Phillips-head screwdriver

2) (2) 80mm fans (sold separately)

3) Tweakmonster Dual 80mm Fan Bracket kit


In your package you will find (1) Dual 80mm Fan Bracket, (1) Riser Bracket kit, and (2) 80mm Fan Grills. Please be sure you have everything before continuing:

Total contents of the Dual
80mm Fan Bracket kit

Contents of Riser Bracket kit

Included hardware

Step 1:


Most AGP cards protrude above the top of the PCI mounting area, so we must create the proper clearance. The included Riser Bracket will allow us to do this. To install the Riser Bracket, remove the first (3) AGP and PCI hold-down screws and insert them through the long slot in the Riser Bracket, and then screw them back down into the computer chassis. You want the Riser Bracket to point upwards when installed. Do not tighten the screws down completely just yet, as you will want to position the Fan Bracket optimally after attaching it to this Riser. Snug will do for now.

Where the Riser Bracket goes

Riser Bracket correctly installed!

The Riser Bracket is used for mounting the Fan Bracket in the case and will create adequate clearance for the installed Fan Bracket so it does NOT come in direct contact with any of the AGP/PCI cards it is mounted over. It also allows the fans to be mounted underneath the Fan Bracket itself, so the beautiful polished finish will look really nice once installed.


Step 2:


Now that your case is ready to accept the Fan Bracket, it's time to install the fans and grills! This Fan Bracket has a polished side, and an 'ugly' unpolished side. Naturally, we want the polished side to be visible once installed, so use the (8) included fan screws and mount the fans to the back side (ugly side) of the bracket along with the fan grills as shown making sure to align the fans for the correct airflow direction:


Proper airflow direction


Step 3:


Once the fans and grills are mounted properly to the Fan Bracket, route the fans' power wires safely out of the way and use the (2) phillips-head screws and wing-nuts to mount the bracket inside the case using the long slot at the left end of the Fan Bracket:

Hold the Fan Bracket in place on top of the Riser Bracket and install the (2) phillips-head screws up through the Riser Bracket slots and then through the Fan Bracket slot, then spin the wing-nuts down. It is easiest to do this by installing the top wing-nut and screw first, then the bottom one.


At this point you may now adjust the horizontal and vertical position of the entire Fan Bracket assembly in the case before tightening everything down permanently. You will notice it has quite a lot of adjustability so it can be positioned in an optimal location to suit your cooling needs:

The best results will be achieved by adjusting the Bracket assembly to be positioned directly over the top of the video card to ensure uniform airflow occurs down both sides of the card. This airflow will also aid in cooling the motherboard chipset and system RAM, as well as any other PCI cards in the area.


Next, connect the fans to the power supply and reinstall the case side cover! Installation is complete!

If you have any further questions or need more help, please contact us.