Mirror-finished 120mm Fan Bracket


One-piece Mirror-finished steel
120mm Fan Bracket for AGP/PCI card cooling


rev 1.0

120mm Acrylic Fan Grills


One piece UV reactive laser cut Acrylic 120mm fan grill


rev 1.0



Tweakmonster 120mm Fan Bracket Overview:


Tweakmonster 120mm Fan Brackets are designed specifically for the performance PC enthusiast who needs good airflow over the AGP/PCI cards to aid in cooling, yet does not want to have to modify their case which adds unwanted noise and requires special tools and a bit of effort.


  • The 120mm allows the mounting of one 120mm case fan and attaches via the PCI/AGP card mounting screw riser for easy installation and adjustments. NO extra case modding is required, and the bracket installs in just a few minutes!
  • Fan is sold separately to allow you to choose exactly what you need...whether it be a lighted fan, a high flow rate fan or just a quiet air mover....this bracket will accept them all!



  • A completely redesigned mounting bracket system allows the fan bracket to clear any PCI/AGP cards that might stick up above the top of the PCI mounting riser and allows for a broad range of bracket positioning possibilities:
  • Allows the fan to be mounted underneath the Fan Bracket for a cleaner look once installed.
  • This 120mm Fan Bracket was designed to be completely universal and adjustable to mount into any desktop computer case quickly and easily. All required mounting hardware is included, and step-by-step installation instructions can be found here.
  • Designed especially for use with Tweakmonster RAMsinks to ensure they get the proper airflow needed for optimal performance and overclocking stability.
  • Some of the more popular fan brackets available on the market mount in a PCI slot, thus only cooling the front side of the video card. The Tweakmonster 120mm Fan Bracket mounts over the top of the video card, thus cooling both sides of the card instead of just one. It also allows you to choose what type of fan you want for your system, whether it moves alot or air at the expense of noise, or is quiet yet suitable enough to create some needed airflow over your hot AGP/PCI cards.
  • Fan Bracket can be removed in seconds without any tools to facilitate fast and easy cleaning.
  • Fan Bracket can be adjusted to a number of different positions for optimal airflow and cooling performance depending on your individual needs.
  • Mirror-finishing process (more reflective than chrome) adds that custom finishing touch for unparalleled beauty and aesthetics.
  • Fan sold separately so you can choose what's best for your application. All of our retailers also carry numerous fan options for this bracket.


Make no mistake...this is the 'Ferarri' of custom cooling fan brackets! Settle for nothing less. Also available in a Dual 80mm design.


120mm Acrylic Fan Grills Overview:



Tweakmonster 120mm Fan grills are available ONLY with the Tweakmonster 120mm Fan Brackets, and feature a silhouetted image of Tweakmonster.com's 'Tweak Monster' logo.


  • Precision laser cut from UV reactive acrylic, these grills will protect your fans from foreign objects with minimal airflow restriction while adding that extra visual effect.
  • Fully reactive to Ultraviolet, Cathode and LED fan lighting these grills will add that custom finishing touch to any case they are installed in.


Normal light:






Current grill colors are Blue, Green, and Red.


When used in conjunction with the mirror-finished Tweakmonster 120mm Fan Bracket, the results of this combination are simply awesome in looks and performance:




Installation instructions can be found here.


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