Mirror-finished Radeon 9800 XT RAMsink Bracket


RAMsink Mounting bracket for
ATI Radeon 9800XT cards ONLY


rev 1.0



Radeon 9800XT RAMsink Bracket Overview:


The new Tweakmonster 9800XT RAMsink Bracket is designed for use with Tweakmonster RAMsinks only and the Radeon 9800XT video card only.

This bracket allows the mounting of (8) Tweakmonster RAMsinks on a Radeon 9800XT graphics card without the need for thermal adhesive or tape. Manufactured from thin gauge steel and then completed with a high shine mirror-finish, this bracket will help to accent your Tweakmonster RAMsinks beauty, as well as allow them to be quickly removed in the future without risking damage to the video card.


This RAMsink bracket installs in only a couple of minutes and requires NO tools. It DOES require the use of an aftermarket cooling solution for the GPU such as a water block or other type of air cooling unit. It will NOT work with the stock 9800XT heatsink unless modifications are made to the heatsink unit itself.


Given the fact that thermal adhesive creates a strong permanent bond between the RAM module and RAMsink that is not easy to separate, and the fact that thermal adhesive costs around $8.00 USD, the benefits of using this bracket quickly become apparent when multiple installs are foreseen. Just put a little bit of thermal compund on the bottom of the RAMsink before installation and thats it! Then if you ever need to RMA your card or you purchase an upgraded card in the future, your RAMsinks may be removed effortlessly for reuse.


Recommended for use with high performance aftermarket cooling solutions such as those manufactured by our friends at Danger Den.

Installation instructions can be found here.


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