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Tweakmonster EL window appliques represent the next level in applique technology, and are designed to add the finishing touch to any case modder's pride and joy.


Just like the Tweakmonster Lightstrips, Tweakmonster EL window appliques add EL (Electro-Luminescent) technology to a standard applique, creating a whole new dimension of case customization and beautification possibilities.


Appliques are about 4 inches square, and are covered in a thin plastic overlay that will protect it from the elements and keep it looking great for years to come. They can be mounted in a computer case, in vehicles, in a window...just about anywhere you can think of.


Designed to work together with Tweakmonster Lightstrips to complete an overall customized EL look that is sure to draw attention everywhere!.

100% compatible with existing Tweakmonster Lightstrip inverters, which makes adding this applique to your existing installation a breeze.

Quick-connector in between the applique and the inverter makes installation simple.


  • 3M self-adhesive in each corner on the front side of the applique makes application to the inside of a window easy and quick.
  • Will run off of any 12 volt DC source, which allows them to also be used in automobiles, and anything else that would benefit from a custom lighted decal.
  • Uses milliamps of power and has a burn life of over 10,000 hours.


The Kit includes an applique and a 12 volt power inverter w/ molex attached.


Battery driven power module


This battery module shown above allows you to replace the 12 volt DC power inverter that comes with the applique kit with one that works off of (2) AA alkaline batteries for complete mobility!


  • Made of durable black plastic
  • Dimensions: 20.3mm x 35.5mm x 89.5mm
  • Takes (2) AA size alkaline batteries
  • Provides power for over 10 hours straight
  • Fully compatible with Tweakmonster EL Lightstrips AND window appliques
  • Removable belt clip included
  • Has inline quick-connector for direct replacement of Tweakmonster 12 volt EL power inverters
  • Push button on/off switch


This makes it easy to add some EL lighting to places that would normally not be viable for power supply reasons, such as windows, doors, fish tanks, bicycles, etc.


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