I-Sea Photo Camera Overview:


Digital cameras offer numerous improvements over the conventional film-type ones, yet can be expensive and limited, depending on what you need it to do. Enter the I-SeaPhoto digital outdoor camera.


This camera is aimed mostly at outdoor enthusiasts who do not want to risk destroying their expensive digital cameras in harsh environments, and do not want to deal with the extra hassle that comes with standard film cameras. It represents the latest in budget-minded digital optical technology, and allows consumers access to a rugged, simple to operate, feature packed and low priced digital camera solution that anyone can use. The fact that it is totally waterproof also makes it great for snorkelers and divers, as well as any other type of water sports. Did I mention it is perfect for that aspiring young photographer to help you save money on film processing? With a very simple interface, even a child can operate this camera with ease.

The pictures above show what the camera unit itself looks like, as well as the accessories that come with it in the retail box.

So, what separates this camera from anything else in it's price range? First lets take a look at the rough specs of it:


Image Sensor:
Sensor Resolution:
PC Interface:
Video Clip:
Picture Capture:

LED indicator:
LCD Display:
Cont. Capture:
Self Timer:
Camera Interface:
Power Sources:

CMOS sensor
CIF 640x480
Universal Serial Bus (USB)
Built in Strobe type
Records mini video
26 pictures in VGA mode
107 pictures in CIF mode
F/2.8 Lens with IR filter, Focal length 4.9mm
Video Conference, Video Clip Capture
1/4" Standard
Power Status
2 digit Mono LCD
Standard JPEG
10 pictures per second
10 Seconds Self Timer
USB Cradle Stand for Windows OS
2 x AA size batteries or USB power supply
USB cradle, wrist strap, waterproof case, Software for Windows OS,
ArcSoft Photo Impression 2000 picture editing software


Those are the specs for the camera unit, however that is not all the features it has. When put inside it's included shock-resistant clear protective case, the unit is 100% water proof! That's right....fully submersible, and can go down to a depth of 40 feet. With it's upgraded case it can go down to 60 feet. More info on this upgraded case can be found here. Now you can take the camera snorkeling, diving, skiing, hot tubbing, etc. Basically anywhere around or in water or high humidity, and not worry about damaging it from the elements! Try that with your $500 digital camera and you are asking for trouble!


As you can see, the camera fits into its' protective case just like a glove, and looks pretty darn spiffy! All features of the camera are accessible while inside the case, so there is no need to remove it from the case to change a setting or turn the unit on and off.


The fact that this case also gives the camera an excellent shock absorbency will allow it to be unharmed if it were accidentally dropped or kicked.

On the next page we will get into the other features of the retail boxed unit.


With a 640 x 480 optical resolution combined with 8 MB of built in SDRAM, the camera can take up to 26 pictures in VGA mode, or 107 pictures in CIF mode before it's memory is full.


Another excellent feature is that this camera can also make mini-movies. It can take a 32 second clip in QCIF mode, and a 8 second clip in CIF mode. Definitely nifty!


The last, but certainly not least, feature this camera brings is incorporated into it's USB 1.1 interface with any Windows OS-based computer. The USB cradle that comes with the camera has an adjustable axis for positioning the camera to act as a web cam or real-time video capture device.


A small cover slides open on the bottom of the camera allowing access to the USB interface port which fits into the camera's cradle. This cover helps to keep debris out of the USB port area when it's not sitting in the cradle.


You can see from the first picture how the cradle will swivel on an axis to allow positioning of the camera for streaming video use.


Drivers are also supplied on an included CD-ROM disc which will install the camera as a TWAIN device in your computer. This allows the camera to interface with just about any video or picture editing software that you may like to use, as long as the program will allow you to import from a TWAIN source. Most better programs will, as a lot of image scanners are considered TWAIN devices also. Another big plus to this method is that you do not have to install and use special software just to download your images from the camera to the PC. Very nice.


As you have seen, this camera certainly packs a lot of features into a small package. The user interface with the camera itself is so simple, a 5 year old child can operate it, as there are only 2 buttons. The built in strobe flash could also come in handy if it ever happened to be used indoors, or at night.

How much would YOU expect to pay for a product along these lines? I have seen some on the market with half of the features this camera has that cost over $100 USD. The I-Sea Photo camera's price is right around $60 USD with everything included!


Not a bad price at all for what you get, and worse come worse if you accidentally damage or destroy it? Not much lost along the lines of cost. That's what makes it an excellent choice for the outdoorsman. It is also perfect as a kids beginning camera, as well as for the seasoned photographer who wants a very tough but disposable camera for harsh situations. You also can't forget that the streaming video feature is like having a web cam and a digital camera all-in-one!


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