Lightstrips Overview:


The new Tweakmonster Lightstrips custom accent lighting tape is unique in many aspects from anything else currently available to modders today.

What the heck is a Lightstrip you ask? Pure and simply put, it is the thinest, most configurable stick anywhere and light up your world case lighting system that I have seen to date.

First, you can get a general idea of it's size from the pictures above. To be exact, it is 1/2 of an inch wide, and about as thick as a postcard. To get an even better idea of what this stuff is like, imagine what you could do with a piece of double-sided Scotch tape that when installed would evenly light up the area around it, and produce NO HEAT in the process, as well as only use MILLI-AMPS of power! That's right, I said NO HEAT, and only a milli-amp draw in your precious power. It uses a small power converter (about 1 inch x 1 inch x 3 inches) that takes the 12 volts from your computer's power supply (or any other 12 volt source) and converts it into what the Lightstrip needs. This inverter is easily hidden in small spaces. The full specs of the Tweakmonster Lightstrips are listed below:


  • brightest light output of any EL lighting currently on the market
  • 1/2 of an inch wide x .020 (20 thousandths of an inch) thick, about the thickness of a postcard
  • self-adhesive backing sticks to most anything stickable
  • fully bendable and configurable
  • may be cut down to desired length
  • comes in any color of the spectrum you can think of
  • uses a small power converter that is easily hidden, and can run numerous Lightstrips at once
  • negligible power consumption (milliwatts)
  • NO heat generated from the lightstrip itself (which is always good)
  • weatherproof casing for outside installations
  • modular quick-connector design makes for quick and easy installations
  • can conform to just about any type of surface, including sharp bends and corners
  • burn life of over 10,000 hours
  • works right off your computer's power supply, but can also be used with any type of 12VDC source such as automobile and motorcycle installations
  • Lightstrip can handle heat just fine (like heatsink or engine installations......)
  • easily attachable to heatsinks, video cards, motherboards, cases, fans, water tanks, keyboards, mice, monitors, printers, mousepads, desks, speakers, etc.
  • also easily installed into automobiles, on motorcycles, snowmobiles, tractors, or anything else with a 12 volt battery to power the inverter. It can even be used in the house with a 12 volt wall adapter
  • Kit comes complete with Lightstrip, power inverter, and complete installation instructions


As I'm sure you can imagine, the possibilities for these Lightstrips are just about endless.


After having installed many cold cathode lights myself, I must say that this is about as close to bending light as you will ever get without a prism, and a hell of a lot more durable for sure. You can't break it. Granted, these are not as bright as a bulb will be, but that is not their intention. Lightstrips are made to accent with light, not flood with light.


Also, filiament-type lighting is going to generate heat, and that heat is going to go right into your case where you don't want it. We have a hard enough time keeping the heat out as it is! There is NO heat output with the Lightstrips. At all. Big plus in my book.


Another feature of these Lightstrips is that they are weatherproof, so if you install one outdoors you don't need to worry about precipitation damaging it. In fact, the 5 foot versions are perfect for automotive and motorcycle applications, as demonstrated here.


So what these are these Lightstrip things made out of anyways? This is a very common question. They are made from a phosphor crystal that when electricity passes through it will glow without producing any heat, and consumes a very low wattage. This material is also known as EL lighting (Electro-Luminescent) it is completely safe and produces no adverse effects such as radiation or other harmful things. They produce a soft glow that won't hurt your eyes like some filament-type bulbs can, which makes them perfect for lighting up specific areas without flooding everything else, such as in movie theatres and Planetariums. The applications are just about endless.






These are available from the Tweakmonster Store. Current colors are Blue, Green, Purple and Orange, and come in both 2.5 and 5 foot lengths.


Battery driven power module


This battery module allows you to replace the 12 volt DC power inverter that comes with each Lightstrip kit with one that works off of (2) AA alkaline batteries for complete mobility!


  • Made of durable black plastic
  • Dimensions: 20.3mm x 35.5mm x 89.5mm
  • Takes (2) AA size alkaline batteries
  • Provides power for over 10 hours straight
  • Fully compatible with Tweakmonster EL Lightstrips AND window appliques
  • Removable belt clip included
  • Has inline quick-connector for direct replacement of Tweakmonster 12 volt EL power inverters
  • Push button on/off switch


This makes it easy to add some EL lighting to places that would normally not be viable for power supply reasons, such as windows, doors, fish tanks, bicycles, etc.


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