Non-conductive AMD CPU spacer


for AMD Socket 'A' processors:
Athlon/Duron/Palomino/XP/MP/Thoroughbred and Barton


rev 1.1



CPU Spacer Overview:


  • Tweakmonster CPU Spacers (also known as shims) go through 4 manufacturing processes before they are complete and have a purple annodized finish, so they DO NOT conduct electricity.
  • They fit ALL AMD Socket 'A' based processor cores, which includes the Athlon, Duron, Palomino, Athlon XP's, MP's, Thoroughbred and the new Barton cores.
  • Tweakmonster CPU spacers prevent cracking of fragile AMD CPU cores while installing the CPU cooler (or heatsink), and help distribute the weight of the installed heatsink evenly over the core surface.
  • Think of them as cheap insurance for the overclocker/modder who removes their cooling solution frequently, or the general user who just does not want to risk damaging their processor during assembly.
  • They do absolutly NOTHING to aid or hinder cooling of the CPU in any way.
  • These spacers are precision ground to an even thickness and dimensioned to fit perfectly while also allowing the 'factory pads' on the CPU die to remain intact.
  • Each spacer comes packaged individually and supplied with superb installation instructions.


Don't leave your fragile AMD CPU to chance.....Tweakmonster CPU Spacers are cheap insurance to protect your CPU investment!




Athlon XP/MP


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