Goodbye Thermal Adhesive!


Thank You for purchasing the Tweakmonster Radeon 9800XT RAMsink Bracket kit. This guide will walk you through the necessary simple steps to a quick installation.




" is not responsible for any damage to any hardware caused by the installation of this RAMsink Bracket kit. If this is a problem for you, please return it to where you got it from."


With that out of the way, let's get this RAMsink Bracket installed! First, gather what you will need:


  • Tweakmonster Radeon 9800XT RAMsink Bracket kit
  • Tweakmonster BGA RAMsinks (8-pack)
  • Arctic Silver 5, or equivalent thermal paste


What we need


Begin by taking the Tweakmonster RAMsinks out of their packaging, and do whatever lapping on them you require. Bear in mind that the thermal paste will fill whatever small gaps there are in the base, so lapping is NOT necessary and will yield little (if any) gain in their performance after installation. This has been tested and proven.


Next, you will need to remove the stock 9800XT heatsink unit from the card, and remove all old thermal paste from around the GPU:

After the heatsink unit is removed, you will notice there are (2) small holes going through the card in between the two pairs of BGA RAM chips found on the 9800XT. These are the mounting holes for our RAMsink Brackets.


In the RAMsink Bracket kit, there are (4) metal retaining brackets and (2) thumbscrews. (2) of these retaining brackets make up (1) bracket bracket with a plain hole drilled through it, and the other with a fastener attached to the back side of it. Slide the RAMsinks into the retaining brackets while making sure the fins of the RAMsink stick up towards the mirror finished side of each retaining bracket. They will only slide in one way:


Slide RAMsinks into each bracket


After all (4) retaining brackets have RAMsinks installed in them, put a small amount of thermal paste on the bottom of each RAMsink.


This next part is a bit tricky and takes a little bit of patience the first try, so take your time to avoid making a huge mess.


Place (1) RAMsink bracket set (with the RAMsinks installed in them) onto the RAM chips on the top and bottom of the video card. Note that each of the (2) bracket sets will 'sandwich' together from the front and back side of the card once installed, and the hole should line up through both brackets, as well as through the video card itself..


NOTE: The brackets which have just a hole drilled through them go on the TOP (front) side of the video card, and the brackets that have the fastener attached to them go on the BACK side. Also be sure to take note that the holes in the retaining brackets are indeed offset, as are the holes through the video card, and will only align with the holes through the video card one way. When installed correctly, all RAMsinks should be aligned perfectly on top of each RAM chip.


It is easiest to do this with (1) bracket set at a time.


After you have sandwiched one bracket set over the front and back side of the RAM pairs, carefully insert (1) of the included thumbscrews through the front side bracket hole and screw it down into the back side bracket fastener so that it looks like this:

It might take a second to get the hang of this procedure the first time, but after doing it once it should be simple the next time around.

After you have installed both bracket sets, you may tighten down the thumbscrews so that the RAMsinks do not slide around on top of the RAM chips.

Now you may install the GPU cooling solution and reinstall the card:

Your RAMsink Brackets are now installed!


Have any questions or need any further help, please contact us.