've just dropped a few hundred bucks on a new video card and are ready to push it to it's max by upgrading the cooling for the RAM, but you're just not sure what style of RAMsinks you should purchase to avoid having to return them for the correct ones.


With all of the different cards and configurations there are on the market right now it would be almost impossible to list each and every card and the RAMsinks they will require, so we have put together this quick basic guide to help you determine which ones you need so you can be sure to get the correct ones the first time.


In the past year or so, most video card manufacturers have switched to BGA style RAM chips for their higher-end cards, mainly because of the better bandwidth and efficiency that BGA (Ball Grid Array) memory offers. These RAM chips are small, and dimensionally square.


Most older (and some newer) cards utilize what I refer to as Standard style RAM chips (or TSOP's) as they are rectangular in size. They may be SDR (Single Data Rate) chips, or DDR (Double Data Rate) chips. The difference between DDR and SDR is not important as far as choosing a RAMsink goes, it is just the chip size that matters. manufactures 2 kinds of RAMsinks to cover these different types of RAM chips. They are:

Standard (Rev4) RAMsinks
For rectangular (TSOP) RAM chips

BGA RAMsinks
For square (BGA) RAM chips

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Above is a typical GeForce4 Ti4600. It uses BGA style RAMsinks. The new Radeon 9800's, 9700's, 9600's and 9500 cards generally use these style RAMsinks also, as does the new Nvidia GeForce FX line of cards. Basically any card which utilizes BGA memory chips (BGA RAM chips are small and almost perfectly square).


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Above is a typical GeForce3 card. It uses the Rev4 Standard RAMsinks. Other cards that have these 'rectangular' style memory chips (TSOP's) onboard will use this style RAMsink also, such as Geforce 1-3 series, and Radeon 9000-9400 series.


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Above is a typical GeForce DDR card. There are a few different cards on the market which use this 'odd' size RAM chip, which is still rectangular, but shorter and fatter than a standard RAM chip. For the best coverage and cooling capability, we recommend the Rev4 Standard RAMsinks for use with these kind of chips.


That about covers it. This should help to eliminate the guess work when choosing which style of Tweakmonster RAMsinks you need to help you achieve the speed and stability that you desire. Also, don't forget to check out the step-by-step installation guide.



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