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Tweakmonster RAMcoolers (8) pack

(RAMcoolers ONLY)





NOTE: This product REQUIRES the use of thermal adhesive or thermal tape for installation.


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Tweakmonster RAMcoolers



  • All Tweakmonster RAMcoolers are manufactured from a high thermally conductive aluminum alloy and then plated with a high lustre chrome-like finish.
  • The mounting surface comes flat and ready to mount with no lapping required.
  • Tweakmonster RAMcoolers have been designed as a direct replacement for heat spreaders, and will cover both DDR and SDR RAM chips found on all types of memory modules.
  • Once installed, they will NOT cause interference with the RAM module in the parallel DIMM slot, which makes them perfect for setups where numerous memory modules are installed side-by-side.


All Tweakmonster RAMcoolers have a hard, chrome-like finish process added which not only stops oxidation from occurring, but also enhances their beauty and durability.


Heat spreaders that are common on most memory modules do very little along the lines of cooling the RAM. Tweakmonster RAMcoolers have been proven to make a difference. Don't settle for anything less than the best.


These are a one-of-a-kind, custom made product that will add both performance AND beauty to your system and allow for even higher stability and overclocking of the front side bus (FSB) for unbelievable speed and reliability.


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