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Tweakmonster 'BGA' RAMsinks (8) pack

(RAMsinks ONLY)



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Tweakmonster 'Rev4' Ramsinks (8) pack

(RAMsinks ONLY)




NOTE: This product REQUIRES the use of thermal adhesive or thermal tape for installation.


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Tweakmonster RAMsinks



  • All RAMsinks are manufactured from a copper alloy and then plated with an almost blinding chrome finish.
  • The mounting surface is flat and ready to install with no lapping required.
  • The 'BGA' RAMsinks have been specially designed to cover BGA RAM chips found on most newer video cards, such as the GeForce4 Ti's, GeForce FX's and Radeon 9500+ series.
  • Tweakmonster RAMsinks also work superbly for cooling motherboard components, such as mosfets and clock generators, for better all-around system stability and even higher clock speeds.
  • They are not oversized thus taking up any more room than is necessary. They are also not too small thus hindering cooling capability.
  • RAMsinks are installed using either Thermal Adhesive, Thermal Tape, or in the case of ATI Radeon 9800XT cards, our custom install brackets.


All Tweakmonster RAMsinks have a hard, chrome-like finish process added which not only stops oxidation from occurring, but also enhances their beauty and durability. These are not just 'get-the-job-done' plain copper RAMsinks. The finish process on the Tweakmonster RAMsinks is absolutely beautiful and they perform just as well. Don't confuse these with the numerous other plain copper RAMsinks on the market....take a look and you will see the aesthetic difference immediately. Once installed, you will then experience the performance returns that everyone else has.

These are a one-of-a-kind, custom made product that will add both performance AND beauty to your system. Don't settle for anything less than the best for your high performance machine.


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